Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Our First Aid Service Work?

We will bring our fully stocked vans to your location on a 4 week, 8 week, or 12 week program depending on your company’s needs. We will clean and organize your first aid cabinets and assess your inventory levels.

Who Is In Control Of The Program?

You are. Our service representative will inventory your first aid kits and then check with you before they replenish the supplies.

Is There A Monthly Fee?

No. Our service is FREE, you are only invoiced for the items that you would like replenished. If our service representative stops by and your inventory is fine, we will leave a zero invoice and see you again in four weeks.

Why Do I Need A Service Like This?

Despite good intentions it is very difficult to adequately maintain your first aid supplies, while maintaining OSHA compliance. That’s where we can help.

What If I Already Have A Service?

If your company has a service with first aid kits but would like to change to STAT First Aid, you do not have to purchase new cabinets. We will simply place our stickers on your existing kits, and pick up service

Is There A Minimum Order?

No, order only what you need.

What If I Need Supplies Before My Scheduled Service Date?

Just pick up the phone and let us know. Our service representative will deliver the supplies you need, when you need them.