Plastic Strip 1″x 3″

Sterile ready to use dressing for minor cuts, abrasions and puncture wounds.

#0202     50/Box

Elastic Strip Extra Long

This innovative extra-long latex free fabric strip bends for extra comfort. Extra length allows for a secure wrap around most fingers twice.

#0393     30/Box

Elastic Strip

Our most popular bandage. A flexible fabric bandage that bends for extra comfort, super strong adhesive that sticks, promotes healing, soft sterile protection. Latex free.

#0314     50/Box

Fingertip Medium

Flexible fabric adhesive bandage for small nicks and cuts at the tips of fingers and can be used on toes.

#0334     40/Box

Fingertip Large

Sterile fabric bandage designed to cover larger wounds or larger fingertips.

#0334-A     40/Box

Knuckle Bandage

A fabric bandage pre-cut to protect your knuckles, elbows, knees and the heel of your foot. (1 ½” x 3”)

#0324     40/Box

Large Patch

A fabric adhesive bandage for larger injured areas. Can be used for protection on knees and elbows.

(2”x 3”)

#0354     25/Box

Junior Strip

Breathable adhesive fabric bandage used for small cuts. (7/8”x 1 ½”)

#0364     50/Box

Blister Band-Aids

Advanced healing for blisters with wrap around design especially for fingers and toes. Heals faster than with an ordinary bandage. Sterilized for safe use on open blisters, cushioning gel pad relieves pain while cushioning the blister for instant pain relief.

#9999         Finger & Toe 8/Box

#9999-A     Ampules 6/Box

Liquid Skin

Butterfly Bandages/Liquid Skin.

#0222 Medium Butterfly Bandages 10 Count

#0222-A Large Butterfly Bandages 10 Count

#LIQ SKIN Liquid Skin

Blue Adhesive Bandages

Durable fabric bandages in a bright blue highly visible color used for food service industries where standard color bandages are prohibited.

#0454     Elastic Strip 50/Box

#0474     Fingertip 40/Box

#0464     Knuckle 40/Box

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