Instruments & Unitized Items

Tweezers, Scissors, Splinter Out, NextTemp

#1501-A    Kit Tweezers
#1501-B    Plastic disposable tweezers in sealed bag

#1501 Kit Scissor
#1514 Lister Bandage Scissors 5 ½ “
#1515 EMT Scissor 7”

#1521 Splinter Out – 10 Probes/Reclosable plastic case

#1555 NextTemp 4 Count

CPR Masks

Reduce your exposure of cross contaminating fluids and moisture with the use of these one way barriers.

#2425     Pocket mask w/ Case

#2423     Micro-key Black

#2429     Filtershield w/ Reclosable Pouch

Burn Sheet, Fire and First Aid Blanket

60”x96” Sterile Burn Sheet

Durable wool blanket to use for shock, fire, or convulsion. Victim will be protected and comfortable in emergency situation

Trauma / First Responder Bag

Rugged bag trauma kit. Contains everything necessary for an emergency response.

Lightweight, easy to carry soft pack that accommodates all of your trauma kit supplies.

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