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Stat First Aid & Safety began modestly in 2002. Prior to its beginning, Toni Villella worked for the leading, first aid and safety company in the Mid-Atlantic region. It was during this time that Toni honed her customer service skills and learned the value of quality service from the customer’s point of view. She came to understand that the marketplace wouldn’t accept the lure of a low price if the value of service didn’t meet customer expectations. Toni used this knowledge and went on to be one of the leading route service representatives for her company and was later offered the opportunity to move into a full time sales position.

Toni accepted the challenge of her new sales position and while the company she had worked for was sold to a major, public company, Toni was up to the task. After a year or so, Toni moved her way up to become one of the leading sales representative in the region. and was responsible for acquiring many new prestigious clients.
As often happens with large public companies, there was a shift in management and company philosophy and Toni left the company. It was at this point that Toni decided to use the knowledge she had acquired and start Stat First Aid & Safety. In her new venture, as a certified small, woman owned, business, Stat First Aid’s allegiance will be to its customers not its stockholders.

Toni and her husband, Jim, “went all in” to begin Stat First Aid. They sold their home and downsized to use their equity to seed the birth of their new endeavor. There was no going back; they invested in equipment, inventory, software and initially ran the business from their townhome garage. Like most small businesses, getting started was extremely difficult, yet through Toni’s perseverance and commitment to success, they got through those “tough” years.

Toni built the company to a point where she needed help managing the daily functions of a growing business, and hired Julie Hannigan. Julie proved to be an excellent addition to Stat First Aid; she was dedicated to performing any duty necessary to help make Stat successful, and that proved to be a very special and rare quality. So much so, that in 2015 Julie became a partner in Stat First Aid & Safety.

Today, Stat First Aid & Safety proudly services Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey. Additionally, Toni and Julie manage a very successful group of committed employees, all of whom share the goals of providing quality services that focus on customer needs and provide very competitive pricing.
Over the past 12 years, Stat First Aid & Safety has gone from a risky concept to a very rewarding, Mid-Atlantic company. We are excited about the potential the future brings and will continue to focus our efforts on our ability to satisfy our customer’s needs. With all of the pieces in place we are poised for a very bright future.